Bombing in Ankara: Terrorist Suicide Attack Near Parliament
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Bombing in Ankara: Terrorist Suicide Attack Near Parliament




The Ministry of Interior of Turkey has issued a statement regarding an explosion near the parliament in Ankara on Sunday (1/10), classifying it as a coordinated terrorist suicide bombing. The official statement revealed that two suspected terrorists were involved in the attack.

Alleged Suicide Bombers and Their Coordinated Attack

The two alleged terrorists were reported to have used a commercial vehicle upon arriving at the entrance gate of the General Directorate of Security of the Ministry of Interior around 09:30 local time before initiating the attack. “One of the suspected terrorists detonated himself, while the other was apprehended and subdued,” according to the official release issued by AFP on behalf of the Turkish Ministry of Interior.

The incident resulted in injuries to two police officers at the scene. Presently, there have been no reports of civilian casualties from this attack.

This is not the first bombing incident in Turkey and security authorities have been vigilant. In December 2022, a car bomb exploded on a highway in Diyarbakir province, injuring eight police officers. Anadolu Agency reported that this incident occurred as a service vehicle carrying anti-riot police was passing through the Diyarbakir highway.

A month earlier, in November of the same year, a bomb also exploded in Turkey, specifically in Istanbul, resulting in the death of six people. The Turkish government attributed the attack to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and its affiliate in Northern Syria, the People’s Protection Units (YPG). However, the Kurdish group denied any involvement in the Istanbul attack.

The Turkish government and security forces remain committed to addressing these security challenges and maintaining public safety against terrorist threats.


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